You’ve spent decades building your wealth and assets through hard work and tough decisions. But without ongoing maintenance, even the most well-crafted estate plan can become obsolete, leaving your legacy vulnerable.

Our Legacy Protection Program provides iron-clad assurance your life’s work will be passed on as YOU intend.

When you join the Legacy Protection Program, you’ll get:

  • Annual estate plan review with an attorney
  • Free notary services
  • Annual funding review meeting
  • Annual DocuBank membership
  • One free amendment per year
  • 15% discount on future estate planning services
  • Free annual refresh of healthcare documents
  • Assistance completing forms to fund your trust
  • Free access to member events and workshops
  • One free Florida deed per year
  • 15% discount to any friends you refer
  • Free annual risk assessment and asset alignment review with an advisor
  • And more services!!!

Get Comprehensive Protection For Your Loved Ones, Too.

We’ve got your family covered. As part of the program, your spouse and children receive customized documents totally free, including:

  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • HIPAA Release Forms

That’s peace of mind for everyone you hold dear.

Plus, you and your family enjoy reduced rates on any additional planning, saving you 15% on vital protection for generations to come.

Don’t leave your family’s future uncertain – get protection in place today.

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Don’t Let Your Plan Become Outdated – Our Program Keeps You Covered 

Securing your family’s future is too important for a one-time transaction.

At Stivers Law, we’re your lawyers for life — a lifelong partner in securing your legacy.

Our all-inclusive program goes beyond just documents to maintain your plan year after year as circumstances change.

With annual reviews, unlimited advisor access, and discounts for your family, you get $8,000+ worth of value. This ensures your family is fully protected now and for generations to come.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You want certainty your family will be provided for after you’re gone.
  • Charitable giving is important to you – both now and through legacy planning.
  • You have a properly crafted estate plan, but worry about keeping it updated.
  • You’ve experienced life changes since originally creating your plan.
  • You are concerned about potential legal challenges down the road.
  • You want ongoing guidance to ensure your assets remain structured to fulfill your legacy wishes.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, our Legacy Protection Program can provide the ongoing support you need.

Join today to get ongoing access to estate planning education and services.