Legacy Wealth Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning in Florida

According to surveys, two out of three American adults are completely unprepared from an estate planning perspective. Many of the people who do not have wills or trusts know that it is important, but they feel as though they don’t have enough knowledge to proceed effectively.

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Attorney Justin Stivers of Coral Gables recognized the fact that many people are frozen with inaction for this reason. As a response, he decided to share his considerable knowledge in a book to bridge the gap, and is it now available to the public.

Legacy Wealth Planning: The Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning in Florida contains a treasure trove of information that paints a very clear picture. There is much more to estate planning than the creation of a simple will, and procrastination can yield devastating consequences.

These are just a handful of the dozens of topics that are covered in this carefully prepared book:

In all, there are 34 chapters that cover distinct subjects that everyone should take into consideration. When you digest this information, you will understand why you should act sooner rather than later to preserve your legacy and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

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The key facts about estate planning are at the core of the book, and you can also learn some things about the Sivers Law approach. When you work with the firm, you will receive personalized, one-on-one attention from an attorney who is laser-focused on legacy wealth planning and nothing else. This is our area of expertise, and we are always on the cutting edge as relevant laws change.

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When you read this book, you will definitely come away with the feeling that it was time well spent. You can order yours right now if you call us at 305-456-3255, and you can alternately send us a message through our contact form to request a copy.