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Stivers Law was founded on a true passion for helping others, including professionals and their clients around the globe. We are pleased to offer our services to benefit your clients, helping them through Florida estate planning and probate administration, so their personal injury cases, real estate sales, or legal disputes can move forward.

Helping You to Help Your Clients

Clients come to us through all sorts of ways, but they all come for one reason: because estate planning and probate is all we do. We are trusted by professionals across many industries to handle probate quickly and efficiently, keeping them informed of all developments until probate is complete. All of our business is handled electronically and remotely, making us uniquely poised to assist clients nationwide in closing a Florida estate.

Stivers Law regularly receives referrals from:

  • Personal injury lawyers. We have built strong relationships with many local attorneys, particularly those who need to open an estate and have an executor or personal representative appointed so they can move forward with filing a lawsuit or settling a personal injury or wrongful death case.
  • Realtors. Heirs who are starting the long process of cleaning out a loved one’s home and preparing it to be placed on the market are often unprepared for the legal requirements of selling the property.
  • Out-of-state probate attorneys. Clients who live out-of-state may require a Florida attorney to perform probate services on a loved one’s retirement home or second property.
  • Funeral homes. After a loved one’s passing, relatives may not know where to turn for help navigating the complex Florida probate process.
  • Family law attorneys. We have performed estate planning and probate services for our peers’ family law clients in order to simplify divorce proceedings or enter into probate litigation.
  • Real estate attorneys. A decedent’s property may not be transferred or sold until it has gone through probate, causing costly delays in real estate transactions.

What Happens When You Refer Your Case to Us?

When you refer a client to Stivers Law, you can concentrate on your client’s immediate needs and let us do what we do best. Attorney Justin Stivers is proficient in this unique subset of the law, taking a straightforward approach to probate while relying on modern technology to streamline the process. We are set up to work with people remotely and all documents can be signed electronically, significantly reducing the time it will take to resolve your case.

Here’s how our referral process works:

  • You contact us via email or through our online form with a quick synopsis of your client’s needs. If we have your permission to contact the client, we will need an email address or other contact information.
  • By the end of the day, our intake person will call the client, vet the case, and schedule a consultation.
  • We contact you within 48 hours to thank you for your referral.
  • If your client retained our services, we will inform you with a quick update.
  • If you are an attorney or real estate agent, we will give you regular updates on the progression of probate to keep your pending case on track. 
  • If you have any questions, we promptly return phone calls and emails and respond immediately to any issues that may arise.
  • We prepare online documents that can be signed electronically, removing the need to travel.
  • We keep in constant contact with you and the client until probate is completed. 

If you are referring a case to Stivers Law, you can count on us to protect your reputation and work diligently to resolve legal matters until their successful conclusion.

Fill out our contact form or call us at (305) 456-3255 today to discuss your potential referral.

Author Bio

Justin Stivers is the founder and managing attorney of Stivers Law, an estate planning firm specializing in wills, probate, trust administration, and financial risk management services. Justin’s approach goes beyond just creating legal documents. From aligning investments with estate plans to ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage, he safeguards a client’s legacy from unforeseen circumstances. His commitment extends beyond individual transactions, fostering lifelong partnerships to provide ongoing support and guidance.

With an impressive track record, Justin is licensed by the Florida and the Tennessee State Bars. His professional portfolio boasts Series 65 registration as a Registered Investment Advisor, the Wealth Management Specialist™ designation, and a 2-15 License for Health, Life, and Annuities. His dedication to excellence has earned him positions like Board Member of the Estate Planning Council of Greater Miami, Business Eagle Member of the Florida Justice Association, and active membership in esteemed organizations like the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.

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